Caleb – 11 Days of Scrumptiousness

There is something just so very precious about a newborn baby, isn't there? They are so, well, new. Fragile. Full of potential.  Untouched. Representing so many hopes and dreams for the future. Whether you are 'into' babies or not, you just have to admit that a newborn is a very special gift. Its been a [...]

New Albums and a Gift

I've been looking around at some of the exciting new products available, and am pleased to announce that I've now added a couple of beautiful new albums to my range. One is a bespoke signature album for all your friends and family to sign on your wedding day, and includes photos from your engagement shoot, [...]

1950’s Styled Wedding Shoot at the Hempel Hotel London

I know it's probably not very cool to admit this, but I'm going to do it anyway: I really love my job! I've always loved working with people, and I can't remember a time when I didn't have a camera in my hand, so being able to creatively combine the two is pretty close to [...]

Vikki and Dave’s pre-wedding shoot – Westgate Beach

When Vikki and Dave suggested they would like to have their pre-wedding shoot at the beach I couldn't have been more happy. Having grown up in the city, I just adore living so close to the sea, and our beach hut is my favourite place to go and relax with a good book and an [...]

Katy and Aron’s Wedding

In April I had the pleasure of photographing Katy and Aron's wedding at the Archbishop's Palace in Maidstone. Here are a few of the pictures from their beautiful day.

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The Crystal Fairy Company Bridal Shop, a little bit of magic in Birchington

When I was a teenager growing up, dreaming dreams about my ‘one day’ wedding, as only teenage girls can do, a new bridal gown shop opened in town which completely caught my eye & my imagination. It was one of those beautiful, boutique, one of a kind shops, with the most beautiful gowns in the [...]

Lake District Weddings

Here's a sneak preview from my recent visit to the Lake District - Enjoy! Share

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Margate Big Event – The Red Arrows

While I'm really not into airshows in general, there is something special about having the Red Arrows in town that makes it hard for me to give them a miss! This year, with a brand new lens & camera to try out, I was relieved that the weather held off long enough for them to [...]

Paper, Scrapbooks and Photo albums

Paper I've been looking forward to my 'Paper' photo day from the moment I spotted it on the list - I have a huge stash of the stuff for my scrapbooking addiction, so the only difficulty I had with this one was to decide what to actually photograph! In the end I decided to settle [...]

Photo Challenge Day 8

Today's topic is 'Something beginning with T', so lot's of options to choose from, but knowing I had a busy day ahead of me, and not being a morning person (at least, not at 6am on a winter's morning anyway!) I opted to photograph the 'T' in front of me - my breakfast toast - [...]

Day 7: Street

Thought I'd go for something a little different for this title, and inject a little editorial street style into my photography today! My two teenagers have been wearing Converse for what feels like forever now, and my daughter even has a pair of black knee high lace up ones, so they are definitely part of [...]


Yesterday's photo challenge for the day was the word 'Movement'. When I first saw it I had a whole host of ideas fly through my mind, but for some the time of year is wrong, and others just weren't practical for what is supposed to be a quick 5 minute daily challenge, so I will [...]

The View from Here

For today's image I was planning a trip just down the road for a photo of the beach, because it's a view I just never get tired of! I love living beside the sea, and will use every chance I get to get beach wedding photos and seaside engagement photo shoots, because there are just [...]

Heart: Daily Photo Challenge

Heart So today's word is heart, a nice easy one for me! I did briefly consider the glass heart ornaments on the christmas tree, but really, when I think of my own heart, I instantly think of two very special people in my life, my kids. So really, the bigger challenge for me was how [...]

Daily Photo Challenge 2

Something New You would have thought that this would be an easy title, coming straight after Christmas like this, but I really didn't want to just go with the obvious with this project, so a pile of new christmas presents was quickly ruled out. Then I wondered whether I could get away with using it [...]

Daily Photo Challenge

Ok, so just a quick warning, this is a bit of a personal post, purely for fun, and just because I wanted to! This year I thought I would start the New Year a little differently, with a personal challenge to myself. I have to admit that since I've taken up photography as a full [...]

Another New Look and Learning Web-Speak!

Well, here is my latest look for the website. I've been giving it quite a bit of thought during the development of my logo over the last weeks & months, and was looking for something elegant & simple, that would complement my style of photography, and I feel that the new white background & the [...]

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Welcome Watoto

Watoto Children's Choir has been performing in Thanet this week as part of their UK tour to raise awareness of the plight of millions of children in Africa, orphaned as a result of HIV and AIDS, war, poverty and disease. Each of the children in the choir has been orphaned through either war or disease, [...]

We’ve arrived!

At last, after weeks of waiting, hoping, and tweaking the website, we have ARRIVED! - Google & Yahoo search engines have found us! Any of you who have your own website will understand how frustrating it can be to feel as though you are lost in cyberspace - you've done all the right things, built [...]

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My New Look

Decided the website needed a bit of a revamp today - think the PINK might be a little bit too much - What do you think? - let me know by leaving a comment below - I was looking for something with a little more impact...

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