Something New

You would have thought that this would be an easy title, coming straight after Christmas like this, but I really didn’t want to just go with the obvious with this project, so a pile of new christmas presents was quickly ruled out.

Then I wondered whether I could get away with using it as an excuse for visiting the January Sales…..well it was worth a try right?

So then my mind wandered right back to my photography, as it so often does, and I knew just what would fit the bill. For quite a while now I’ve been looking at ways to incorporate a more fashion inspired style into various aspects of my photography – wedding photography is ideally suited to incorporating some posed and styled portraits within the mix, and teenagers love nothing better than getting dressed up in their finest and striking a pose if you make it a fun and fashion oriented portrait photography shoot in a cool location. So along with buying some additional lighting equipment so that I can add a bit of drama and even more creativity into the mix, I’ve also been on the look out for a good book or two for inspiration.

So here’s my Something New, my christmas present to myself, of a gorgeous book of black and white portraits of influential american women, all wearing Calvin Klein, and photographed by Bryan Adams. Something to feed my soul and give my creativity a little nudge. And because I’m something of a bookaholic there’s a 2nd book in there too, on how to get things done, in the hopes it may help get me organised!

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