For today’s image I was planning a trip just down the road for a photo of the beach, because it’s a view I just never get tired of!

I love living beside the sea, and will use every chance I get to get beach wedding photos and seaside engagement photo shoots, because there are just so many beautiful options to choose from around here! I also love the fact that every time I photograph there, it will be different – different light, different tides, different weather, and yet the sea and coast line remain constant. And you get to choose whether to focus on the big picture or zero in on the little details, the ripples in the water, or the pattern the receding tide leaves in the sand.

It’s also a good place to visit when you need to take time out to slow down, blow the cobwebs away, or have a bit of a think, and the vastness of the view out to sea can help to put things back into perspective.

So, back to the photo challenge – well I have to admit to cheating a little today, as I had a couple of deadlines that have sadly kept me tied to the computer all day, and there’s absolutely NO way that I’m sharing the view of my desk in it’s current state with anyone! So here’s an all time favourite photo of Margate beach that I took about 16 months ago, before they started working on the new sea wall.

Margate Beach