So today’s word is heart, a nice easy one for me! I did briefly consider the glass heart ornaments on the christmas tree, but really, when I think of my own heart, I instantly think of two very special people in my life, my kids. So really, the bigger challenge for me was how to portray what they mean to me.

As a photographer I’m lucky in that I have the most enormous stash of photos of my kids, and I have photos of them at all stages of their lives, and up to all sorts of mischief and fun. Relaxed individual portraits of them, newborn photos, family portraits, photos of them playing in the park and on the beach, and all the little moments that make up family life. But I have a feeling that if I post up any of those on here I will be in serious trouble with them! And I doubt very much that either of them will be willing to let me grab a photo of them today either, somehow, now they are in their late teens.

And then I remembered something someone once said to me which has stuck in my head ever since, and proven to be true over and over again, – that having children is like having your heart running around outside of your body, and totally beyond your ability to fully protect anymore.

So I had a dig through my baby memory box and found their first ever proper pairs of shoes for this image. Hard to imagine that they were ever this small!

Whilst I may not always be able to protect them as I like, particularly as they go off on their own adventures, one thing is certain, that wherever they go, they will always own my heart, and I will always treasure each of the photos I have of them wearing these shoes, and others like them, as they were off out & about, having fun and growing tall xxx

Childrens photographer