Day 7: Street

Thought I'd go for something a little different for this title, and inject a little editorial street style into my photography today! My two teenagers have been wearing Converse for what feels like forever now, and my daughter even has a pair of black knee high lace up ones, so they are definitely part of [...]

Heart: Daily Photo Challenge

Heart So today's word is heart, a nice easy one for me! I did briefly consider the glass heart ornaments on the christmas tree, but really, when I think of my own heart, I instantly think of two very special people in my life, my kids. So really, the bigger challenge for me was how [...]

Daily Photo Challenge

Ok, so just a quick warning, this is a bit of a personal post, purely for fun, and just because I wanted to! This year I thought I would start the New Year a little differently, with a personal challenge to myself. I have to admit that since I've taken up photography as a full [...]

Another New Look and Learning Web-Speak!

Well, here is my latest look for the website. I've been giving it quite a bit of thought during the development of my logo over the last weeks & months, and was looking for something elegant & simple, that would complement my style of photography, and I feel that the new white background & the [...]

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