9 Paper


I’ve been looking forward to my ‘Paper’ photo day from the moment I spotted it on the list – I have a huge stash of the stuff for my scrapbooking addiction, so the only difficulty I had with this one was to decide what to actually photograph!

In the end I decided to settle for a finished scrapbook page from my own photo album, with a favourite family photo of my own two children when they were younger, having fun with each other and an empty cupboard.

I love how kids have such endless imaginations and their huge capacity for fun.

I have so many photos of my two both playing dress up and make believe, rowing across imaginary rivers in cardboard box boats, and am gradually getting round to putting them all in albums like these scrapbook ones, or scanning the negatives into digital format so that I can design some photo books for them both to keep to show their own children.


One o’clock

And here’s what I was doing at one o’clock today – phone calls and office work! Much as I would love to be out and about with my camera taking amazing, creative and fun photos every moment of every day, the reality of the photographer’s working life is that there is also a lot of paperwork and office stuff to do too!