Yesterday’s photo challenge for the day was the word ‘Movement’.

When I first saw it I had a whole host of ideas fly through my mind, but for some the time of year is wrong, and others just weren’t practical for what is supposed to be a quick 5 minute daily challenge, so I will have to save those for another day (Note to self: start an ‘Inspirations and Ideas’ notebook before I forget them all!), but eventually I settled on one, and worked out a plan of action of the how, where and when I would get my photo.

And then, as I set off out to church this morning, camera over my shoulder ready for yesterday and today’s photos, I noticed something else I’ve been wanting to photograph for a while, a spider’s web, clinging to my car door and mirror, so I stopped to take a photo. It was beautiful, glistening with little pearls of water from the morning fog that had appeared from nowhere. Not satisfied with what I was getting I decided to take a detour to the nearest garden, in search of a web with a better backdrop, and that is where I found the image I am using for movement. There was a bit of a breeze lifting the edges of the web, while the central portion stayed totally still.

Pretty isn’t it?

This image is also a pretty good example of what so often happens to me when I am working as a photographer on a job, whether it is a wedding, a portrait shoot or a commercial photo shoot. I will always have a plan in my head of what is needed, and ideas of how I plan to achieve the requirements of the particular shoot, but as I put my camera to my eye, I start to see other possibilities, and other creative opportunities, and as so often happens, I manage to capture something beautiful, a fleeting moment, a look, a smile, that no amount of planning could have arranged. I really do love my job!

I kind of think life is a bit like that too, if we are prepared to slow down for a moment, take a look around us, & let the possibilities soak in.


Nature photography in Kent