I know it’s probably not very cool to admit this, but I’m going to do it anyway: I really love my job! I’ve always loved working with people, and I can’t remember a time when I didn’t have a camera in my hand, so being able to creatively combine the two is pretty close to my idea of heaven! Which is why, when my friend Carla, of Carla Thomas Photography, rang me to ask if I’d assist her to photograph a 1950’s themed wedding shoot at the Hempel Hotel in London on my day off, I almost knocked her over in my rush to be there. You might be forgiven for suggesting that this is a bit of a bus-man’s holiday, and I suppose you’re probably correct, but when you love something this much, you really don’t mind what it is called! In reality it’s a bit like letting a kid party in a candy store, or at least, that’s what this day felt like to me. It was also an opportunity to try out new ideas and styles in a more controlled environment.

Carla and Alex, a wedding planner from London, had spent the previous 6 weeks feverishly planning every last detail of the day, and had put together the most impressive line up of themed shoots to showcase the best of 1950’s wedding style available, and it was such a pleasure to photograph the event. It is a testimony to their commitment, planning and enthusiasm that Carla’s and my photos have now also been featured on both the Fifties Wedding Blog and the English Wedding Blog.
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