Welcome to the Family, Caline

Photographing a wedding is always a wonderful mix of pure pleasure with a little twist of pressure of wanting to ensure that you get the very best photographs of the day for the couple, but combine that with the fact that it is your brother who is the one getting married, and it all goes [...]

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Brad & Faye’s wedding

Thanks for all the lovely feedback about the video, everyone. It brings back some lovely memories for me too, as this was the first time I had the pleasure of spending the whole day with the Bride, from the hairdressers at 9am right round to the first dance and beyond 12 hours later - a bit of  [...]

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Website problems

Well, I decided to update the wordpress theme I am using for my website today, and was just patting myself on the back for how smoothly it had all gone, and then looked on my blog page - Grrr! Unfortunately all the pictures on the blog page have now stretched out of shape and proportion [...]

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Happy Anniversary

Okay, so it's a little early for Brad & Faye's 1st wedding anniversary, but I was looking through the photo's last night and I just couldn't resist putting a few of them together on a video as an early anniversary surprise. Enjoy:D Share

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Hello world!

Oh my gosh! The Aranya Photography website is on it’s way at last. Keep your eyes here, because there are going to be lots of updates & gorgeous new images to take a look at over the coming months. I really hope that you all enjoy looking at them as much as I enjoy the chance to take [...]

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