Newborn Baby Photography Thanet

/Newborn Baby Photography Thanet

Meet Jayden – Newborn baby photographer Kent

I am so excited to share these photos with you, as they are part of the launch of my beautiful new fine art baby photography line. I had the pleasure of photographing Jayden for his newborn baby photos at just four days old, and I think you'll agree that he is absolutely too gorgeous for [...]

Meeting Noah – newborn baby photography kent

Meet Noah, everyone. Isn't he just gorgeous? He was just 12 days old when I took these, and he was determined to stay awake and not miss a thing for most of the morning, which gave me a chance to capture his beautiful big blue eyes. He did eventually have to give in and take [...]

Caleb – 11 Days of Scrumptiousness

There is something just so very precious about a newborn baby, isn't there? They are so, well, new. Fragile. Full of potential.  Untouched. Representing so many hopes and dreams for the future. Whether you are 'into' babies or not, you just have to admit that a newborn is a very special gift. Its been a [...]