Here’s a little preview of Tom and Carly’s Farnham Castle Wedding photos from their wedding last Friday. This was my first wedding to photograph at Farnham Castle, so I popped down to Surrey a few days before the wedding, to meet Heather, the loveliest wedding coordinator ever, and take a look around the castle in preparation for Tom & Carly’s wedding. All I can say is, what an absolutely gorgeous gem of a castle it is – I can honestly say that I was like a kid in a sweetie shop during my tour, and couldn’t wait to get back for the wedding itself!

Friday saw me up at the crack of dawn, leaving at 6.30am to ensure I beat as much of the M25 travel chaos as possible, and clearly I was successful because I beat Carly to the venue by about 30 minutes. I made the most of the time to take a few photos of Farnham Castle itself, and get my bearings again before the fun began in earnest.

Carly and the mums and bridesmaids set up camp in the gorgeous gatehouse, and then the preparations got properly underway, but in the most relaxed way. Carly looked completely stunning in her wedding dress and considering this is only the second time in her life that she has worn a dress, I think you’ll agree that she looked amazing and carried it off with aplomb! I love too, the fact that she retained her own touches to her outfit. Her wedding dress had pockets, yes, you heard correctly, POCKETS, and two good sized ones at that, and she wore plain white Converse on her feet. The Converse were a brilliant choice considering all the steps we had to climb up and down to get to the top of the castle keep for those skyline photos, and I’m seriously thinking of taking a leaf out of her book for a certain safari park wedding I have booked in for next year!

When it came to the group photos I have to say a massive thank you to my second photographer, Lee, who managed to arrange all the guests in a heart shape around Tom and Carly in the time it took for me to climb the stairs to the office window which was designated for me to hang out of to take said photo.

While talking about all those stairs and steps, and hanging out of windows and such, did I mention that I have a serious fear of heights?!! I only have to stand on a chair and look down to start feeling dizzy, so the trick is definitely not to look down, and not to think about it AT ALL!!! Thankfully my love of photography and my determination to get the shots at almost any cost means that the fear gets beaten into submission by my determination to capture something amazing for my brides and grooms, and I NEVER look down till my feet are back on terra firma!!!

So, here are a few photos of Tom and Carly’s gorgeous Farnham Castle Wedding, as a little sneak peek until I can finish the full edit. I didn’t quite manage to get them done within 24 hours of the wedding, but given that I left home for the wedding at 6.30am on Friday morning, and didn’t get home again until 1.30am on the Saturday morning, I think I can be forgiven. And yes, I did also get distracted by a certain royal wedding too!!!

So, sit back an enjoy this little snapshot of Tom and Carly’s beautiful Farnham Castle Wedding.

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Farnham Castle Keep

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