I first met Stacey and heard about her and Joe’s plans for their Leeds Castle Wedding in Kent at a wedding fair about 14 months before, and was struck by her happy and relaxed approach, which I really loved. Because of their busy work schedules, it was almost a year later before we were finally able to sit down together and talk through their day in more detail, and talk through the photos that they were hoping for, and again it was a happy and relaxed affair, in what I was coming to realise was the approach they would also have on their wedding day.

Their wedding day dawned bright and clear, and when I arrived at Leeds Castle the skies were calm, the cherry blossom was out, and the ducks were sitting on the lawn in front of the castle, enjoying the quiet. There was no hint of the strong winds that had been forecast for the afternoon, just the peaceful calm before the castle grounds were opened to the public.

I met up with Stacey and her bridal party in the courtyard room where she had stayed the previous night with her mum, and later in the morning we transferred across to the Maiden’s Tower where the wedding was to be held. The Maiden’s Tower is beautiful, slightly less formal inside than the main castle, and with the benefit of its’ own private walled garden, and a more private setting for a wedding.

Following their ceremony, Stacey and Joe made their way out of the tower buildings and out into the garden to be met with a great gust of wind that plucked Stacey’s veil from her head as if it merely resting on top her head, making a mockery of the pins that were supposed to be holding it in place, and we all watched in absolute disbelief as it sailed off over the top of the small marquee – thankfully into the garden rather than the adjoining moat!!! Stacey’s response to this was to laugh before having it pinned back in, and her laughter continued throughout their very windblown photos in the garden, and out in the golf buggy as we toured the grounds to take their couple photos. Throughout the day I was to see their happy and carefree approach to whatever might not have gone perfectly to plan, and their pleasure in enjoying their wedding day with each other, and their family and friends, in what has been described as ‘the loveliest castle in the world’, and it was truly special.
Leeds Castle Wedding Venue

Leeds Castle bridge over the moat

Leeds Castle and the Maiden's Tower

Leeds Castle blossom trees and the moat

Leeds Castle bridal prep | Aranya Photography

Bridal Prep in the stable rooms | Leeds Castle

Castle door details

Wedding dress detail | Aranya Photography

Wedding dress in the Maiden's Tower at Leeds Castle

Bladgley Mischka Bridal Shoes | Aranya Photography

Wedding detail photo at Leeds Castle

Bride's bouquet


Unusual Wedding Rings | Aranya Photography

Wedding Dress and bridesmaid's dresses | Leeds Castle

Bride at Leeds Castle

Bridal Makeup in Kent

Leeds Castle Wedding Photography

Bridal Prep at Leeds Castle

Bride with her mother | Aranya Photography

Bride getting ready

Bride getting ready at Leeds Castle

Kent Wedding Photography

Bride with veil | Leeds Castle Wedding

Bride at Leeds Castle

Groom getting ready at Leeds Castle in Kent

Groom portrait

Black and white portrait of groom

Grrom prep

Best man helps groom with Buttonhole

Bride with brother

Bridesmaids at Leeds Castle | Aranya Photography

Kent Wedding Photography | Aranya Photography

Groom and best man

Groom and best man laughing

Bridegroom waits for bride

Bride walking down the aisle

Bride and groom share a first look

Bride and groom laughing

Bride and groom holding hands

Best man with wedding rings

Groom with wedding ring

Bride puts ring on grooms finger

First Kiss

Guests clap first kiss

Bride with veil

Strong wind at Leeds Castle wedding

Bridesmaids with bride

Wedding at Leeds Castle | Aranya Photography

Bride and Groom | Leeds Castle Wedding

Wedding at Leeds Castle

Windy wedding at Leeds Castle

Leeds Castle Wedding Photography

Kent Wedding photography

Beautiful wedding photography at Leeds Castle

Top Kent Wedding Photographer

Wedding reception at Leeds Castle

Reception detail photos

Wedding cake detail

Wedding guests having fun

Beautiful kent wedding photos

Beautiful wedding photography

Alternative wedding photography

Alternative wedding photography in Kent

Best wedding photography

Leeds Castle wedding photographer

Kent wedding photography

Caricaturist at wedding

Funniest wedding speeches

Wedding guests having fun

Father of bride speech

Emotional father of bride

funny wedding speeches

Grooms speech at Leeds Castle

Wedding photography in Kent

Best man speech

Funny wedding speeches

Best Kent Wedding photography

Guest reactions to wedding speeches

Funny wedding speech

Cutting Cake | Leeds Castle


Evening guest arrival |Kent Wedding Photography

Groom greeting wedding guests

Evening wedding reception

Wedding guests arriving

Top Kent wedding photography

Guest signing board

Guest signing board | Wedding photographer Kent

Wedding reception details

Groom with guests

Evening reception

Caricaturist at work

Wedding guests having fun

Evening party at Leeds Castle

Leeds Castle Wedding_0128

Kent Wedding Photographer | Aranya Photography

Leeds Castle wedding photographer

First dance | Leeds Castle Wedding Photography

Bride and grooms first dance

Best Kent wedding photographer

Wedding photographer - Portrait

Black and white wedding protrait

Evening Party

Wedding guests | Kent Wedding photographer

Evening reception, Kent

Leeds Castle Wedding_0143

Bride dancing with girlfriends

Kent Wedding photography

Evening Wedding reception

Kent wedding photography

Beautiful wedding photography in Kent

Leeds Castle Wedding_0138

Leeds Castle Wedding Photography | Aranya Photography

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