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If you are looking for a Kent wedding photographer there are a number of things to consider.


Let’s start with the most obvious one first, as this is often the primary consideration for many couples when choosing their Kent wedding photographer. Whilst the cost of your wedding photography is undoubtedly an important factor, don’t be tempted into choosing the cheapest Kent wedding photographer that you can find, as all too often I hear and see the evidence of where this decision has ended up costing a couple in terms of emotional distress and poor quality photography. Remember, after your wedding day is over, your wedding photography will be the one thing which you will always have to remember the day by. A genuine wedding photographer who cares about producing high quality wedding photography will have undertaken training, and will be fully insured with professional equipment and back ups.

Photographic Style

Do ask to look at other work by the wedding photographer when choosing your Kent wedding photographer, and ask to see a selection of images which cover an entire wedding so that you can see how the photographer covers a wedding. You should expect to see high quality images throughout the whole wedding day, not just at key parts.


This may not be something you have really considered before, but when you are choosing your Kent wedding photographer, remember that you are not just selecting someone to take photos at key parts of the day, but someone who is going to be with you and your family and friends for the whole day. As such you need to consider their personality and how they will fit into your day. Don’t be afraid of asking to meet them to discuss the details of your day further, and if you have young children of your own who are going to be a big part of your day consider how the photographer will respond to them. A good wedding photographer will understand your concerns and be happy to address those issues for you.

Photography Coverage

Another consideration is the length of coverage you require from your Kent wedding photographer. Are you looking for images which tell the story of your whole day, and what happens if the first dance gets delayed? Many of the cheaper Kent wedding photographers look to keep costs down by reducing the coverage they provide, but this can lead to unexpected charges on the day if such delays happen.

As a wedding photographer who takes pride in offering quality wedding photography in Kent and beyond, I offer 10 hours of photography coverage as standard and am happy to be flexible where unavoidable delays have occurred.

Wedding albums and discs

In this digital age we often overlook the true beauty and pleasure that a beautiful wedding album or framed bridal portrait can bring. I am pleased to say that many of my clients are now moving back to purchasing our beautiful wedding albums because of the immediate accessibility that they give when sharing the images and memories of their day with family and friends. When selecting your Kent wedding photographer, look for a photographer who has a range of quality wedding albums which reflect your style and personality, so that you can be sure of owning an album which you can be proud to display to your family and friends. Ask your wedding photographer how many pages and images are included in the album, and how they charge for additional ones – do they charge per page or per image for example, as this can make a big difference to the final cost of your album.

As well as the album you will also most likely want to be able to share some of your images digitally with your friends, perhaps by email or on facebook. Things to consider and ask your wedding photographer are on average how many images do they supply, what size images are provided, and whether you are able to print from them.

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