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Hi, and thanks for stopping by!

I’m Sarah, a wedding and portrait photographer living in Margate, in East Kent.

So, what to tell you? It’s at this point that my words dry up and my brain freezes and I might as well be back in year 6 with a blank piece of paper and an essay to write in an English written exam – remember that feeling?

But actually, that’s not a bad place to start, because that’s probably why I love taking photos so much, and maybe a part of why people seem to love the photos that I take. Because, while I can’t always find the right words quick enough, and when I do then I’m just as likely to trip over them trying to say them fast enough,  I love taking photos because they can say everything I want to say without words – photos that will make you smile, or catch your breath, or bring a tear to your eye, or a memory of a moment in time back to instant recall as if you were right back there again.

Let’s face it, life today can be pretty hectic, and it’s easy to get caught up in the rush to be somewhere, doing something, always on the go, and forgetting to take the time to enjoy the moments that make our lives special. Moments with the people we love, celebrating our lives, loves and relationships. And that’s why photography matters to me. It’s an opportunity to document and celebrate those moments, those people, those loves, those lives, those milestones, those memories in the making. It’s true that you never get those moments back, but if you have the photographs then sharing the memories is a little easier.

So….. what else to tell you…..

I spent my 50th birthday photographing a wedding – Yes – I am that addicted!

I love marmite… and cheese – together or separately, and I have been known to eat the marmite straight from a spoon.

I’m a people watcher – they fascinate me, everyone so different;  funny, kind, thoughtful, creative, beautiful, with the capacity to achieve so much.

I’ve always been a bit of a secret  adrenaline junkie – the biggest fairground rides, caving, potholing, abseiling, skiing, I’ve managed to have a go at most of them at some point.

I laugh a lot.

I love cake and chocolate and I HATE brussel sprouts!

My love of photography is greater than my fear of heights… well mostly anyway!

And, if you want the official bit, then I’m a female wedding and portrait photographer, based in Kent, and covering the south and east of England, including wedding photography in Kent, London, Sussex, Surrey, Berkshire, Hampshire, Dorset, Essex and beyond, with a creative and contemporary approach to the photographs I take. I work in an unobtrusive & relaxed way to capture all the moments that happen while we are together – whether that’s during your wedding – or a portrait shoot, to give you a beautiful, contemporary but timeless, photographic record of those moments in your life. Moments for you to treasure, enjoy and relive whenever you wish.

And one last guilty secret – I absolutely hate having my photograph taken!

Not sure how to choose a photographer? Why don’t you have a read of the ‘How to Choose a Wedding Photographer’ article on my blog – the principles apply no matter what type of photography you are looking for.

Information on Wedding and Portrait Photography Prices can be found here: Aranya Photography Wedding Package Prices and Portrait Prices.

Want to have a chat and find out more? Give me a ring on 07500149415 or contact me using my Aranya Photography Contact Form.





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