Well, I decided to update the wordpress theme I am using for my website today, and was just patting myself on the back for how smoothly it had all gone, and then looked on my blog page – Grrr! Unfortunately all the pictures on the blog page have now stretched out of shape and proportion – it’s not my photography, honest!!! If you are having the same problem when you view this page, then you may find that you get more realistic results viewing it in Mozilla Firefox’s browser while I await a ‘how to fix it’ response from my web-theme developer company – Please be patient with me while I get it resolved – they are an amazing team, so I’m sure it won’t be long! – and it’s definitely worth it as the overall upgrade will improve your experience of my website in all sorts of ways!
Thankfully it doesn’t appear to be causing problems with any of the other pages (although I feel like I might be tempting fate by saying that!).
In the meantime, I’ve added the pictures from Katy & Aron’s wedding here, using a different program so that you can see the difference!