Twilight weddings are quite a new thing to me, so I must admit I was a little intrigued at the idea of photographing one when Georgina and John got in touch about their wedding photography at St Augustines in Westgate, Kent. I have to admit, I was also a little curious about how we would fit everything into a wedding where the ceremony doesn’t start until 6.30pm. I was also aware that potentially, even though it was a summer wedding, depending on the timings of the events, the evening light may be a little lower than preferred for things like photographing the family groups that John and Georgina had asked for. Photographers are ever so slightly obsessed about the quality of light. What appears to be a brightly lit room to most people, can actually look like a black hole to a photographer, and it’s certainly one of the first things I note when I walk into a room where I will be taking photos on a wedding day. That and the colour of the walls and ceiling, particularly if the light is a little bit tricky. Because if I do need to use a little flash to lift a photo, the last thing you will want me to do is bounce that lovely light off of a green wall……green faces aren’t really the done thing for a bride on her wedding day! My advice to couples who are getting married in winter, or in venues where the light levels are low, or dependant on artificial light, is always to ask to see a¬†full wedding gallery of a wedding held in similar conditions, because you really do need to be certain that your photographer has the skills to manage it, and not everyone does. Thankfully, as a recommended photographer for St Augustines, I know the venue pretty well, so was confident that I had the right equipment for the job, and a backup plan if needed.

So, back to John and Georgina’s wedding. In the event, after a typically British summer, gray start, to the day, the evening turned out beautifully sunny, and later in the evening we were able to use the low twilight light to our advantage¬†and make use of the beautifully redecorated gazebo for a creative portrait. Regardless of all the talk about lighting, my standout memory from their wedding is the love written all over their faces whenever they looked at each other – as you will be able to see from the photos below.
Bridal Prep_0004St Augustines Wedding_0001
St Augustines Wedding_0002
Bridal Prep_0008
Bridal Prep_0010
Bridal Prep_0009
Bridal Prep_0007
Bridal Prep_0013
Bridal Prep_0014
Bridal Prep_0015
Bridal Prep_0016
Bridal Prep_0017
Bridal Prep_0018
Bridal Prep_0019
Bridal Prep_0020
Bridal Prep_0021
Bridal Prep_0022
Bridal Prep_0023
Bridal Prep_0024
Kent Wedding Photographer_0001
Kent Wedding Photographer_0002
Kent Wedding Photographer_0003
Kent Wedding Photographer_0004
Kent Wedding Photographer_0006
Kent Wedding Photographer_0008
Kent Wedding Photographer_0009
Kent Wedding Photographer_0010
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Kent Wedding Photographer_0012
Kent Wedding Photographer_0013
Kent Wedding Photographer_0014
Kent Wedding Photographer_0015
Kent Wedding Photographer_0016
Kent Wedding Photographer_0017
Kent Wedding Photographer_0018
Kent Wedding Photographer_0019
Kent Wedding Photographer_0020
Kent Wedding Photographer_0021
Kent Wedding Photographer_0022
Kent Wedding Photographer_0023
Kent Wedding Photographer_0024
Kent Wedding Photographer_0025
St Augustines Twilight Wedding_0001
St Augustines Twilight Wedding_0003
St Augustines Twilight Wedding_0004
St Augustines Twilight Wedding_0005
St Augustines Twilight Wedding_0006
St Augustines Twilight Wedding_0007
St Augustines Twilight Wedding_0009
St Augustines Twilight Wedding_0010
St Augustines Twilight Wedding_0011
St Augustines Twilight Wedding_0012
St Augustines Twilight Wedding_0013
St Augustines Twilight Wedding_0014
St Augustines Twilight Wedding_0015
St Augustines Twilight Wedding_0016
St Augustines Twilight Wedding_0017
St Augustines Twilight Wedding_0018
St Augustines Twilight Wedding_0019
St Augustines Twilight Wedding_0020
St Augustines Twilight Wedding_0021
St Augustines Twilight Wedding_0023
St Augustines Twilight Wedding_0024
St Augustines Twilight Wedding_0025
St Augustines Twilight Wedding_0027
St Augustines Twilight Wedding_0029
St Augustines Twilight Wedding_0031
St Augustines Twilight Wedding_0032
St Augustines Twilight Wedding_0033
St Augustines Twilight Wedding_0034
St Augustines Twilight Wedding_0035
St Augustines Twilight Wedding_0036
St Augustines Twilight Wedding_0037
St Augustines Twilight Wedding_0038
St Augustines Twilight Wedding_0041
St Augustines Twilight Wedding_0045

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