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Living by the sea as I do, you might be forgiven for thinking that weddings by the beach become routine after a while, but nothing could be further from the truth!

I was thrilled when Tracey and Jim asked me to photograph their wedding, particularly when I heard that they had a theme in mind for their wedding. As the wedding planning began in earnest, and I began to find out more of all the details of their day, I began to get even more excited at being involved. Tracey and Jim had decided to go with a themed wedding, and for them both, with their love of all things 1950’s, a rock ‘n’ roll theme with a beach twist was perfect. Tracey and Jim’s choice of a Broadstairs Pavilion wedding, set the scene perfectly. The Broadstairs Pavilion is situated right on the beach, and the views across the cove and the little harbour are absolutely beautiful, providing a gorgeous backdrop for a wedding.

Circle skirts, enormous billowing, flouncy petticoats, polka dots, bows, sashes and the odd trilby, my favourite kind of pink, sticks of rock, and the most beautiful Plymouth Savoy 1958 were the order of the day, ensuring that this was a beautiful wedding that will long be remembered! As well as the attention to all the 50’s theme details of their wedding day, Tracey and Jim also managed to take their guests by surprise during their first dance. Starting in a very traditional manner, a sudden, unexpected (?) glitch in the music, saw them suddenly explode into a full, and utterly flawless, 1950’s dance routine to Candy Man by Christina Aguilera – unbeknown to their family and friends, it appears that these two had been sneaking off to private dance lessons for some while in order to surprise everyone on the big day!

As you can see from the photos, these two were clearly meant to be together, and their sense of fun, and their absolute love and devotion to each other just shone throughout the whole day, for everyone to see. Thanks Tracey and Jim, for choosing me to be your wedding photographer, I loved every minute – it really was a privilege, and your Broadstairs Pavilion wedding was quite quite stunning.

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