Brad & Faye’s wedding

Thanks for all the lovely feedback about the video, everyone. It brings back some lovely memories for me too, as this was the first time I had the pleasure of spending the whole day with the Bride, from the hairdressers at 9am right round to the first dance and beyond 12 hours later - a bit of  [...]

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Website problems

Well, I decided to update the wordpress theme I am using for my website today, and was just patting myself on the back for how smoothly it had all gone, and then looked on my blog page - Grrr! Unfortunately all the pictures on the blog page have now stretched out of shape and proportion [...]

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Happy Anniversary

Okay, so it's a little early for Brad & Faye's 1st wedding anniversary, but I was looking through the photo's last night and I just couldn't resist putting a few of them together on a video as an early anniversary surprise. Enjoy:D Share

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Hello world!

Oh my gosh! The Aranya Photography website is on it’s way at last. Keep your eyes here, because there are going to be lots of updates & gorgeous new images to take a look at over the coming months. I really hope that you all enjoy looking at them as much as I enjoy the chance to take [...]

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