Donna & Dean Wedding-282

Providing Donna & Dean’s Salmestone Grange wedding photography was my first ever Valentine’s day wedding, and I loved every minute of it. Dean and Donna had a fairly whirlwind courtship by all accounts, with Dean proposing to Donna on Valentine’s day just a few short months after their first date, but if ever a couple were made for each other, then these two were. A year later to the day, and they were at Salmestone Grange to celebrate their marriage.

You might be forgiven for assuming a wedding on Valentine’s day would have a somewhat red colour theme running through it, but you couldn’t have been more wrong. Given that both Donna and Dean are avid Queens Park Rangers, this wedding could only ever have been blue!

Winter weddings can be quite a challenge to photograph at the best of times due to low light levels and inclement and unpredictable weather, but this year Valentine’s Day really outdid itself. It was the day of the severe storms, gale force winds, (even hurricane force in places), and torrential rain, and while Margate got off quite lightly compared to other parts of the country, it was still a very dark, stormy and wet day. Although I hadn’t expected quite such severe weather conditions, I had prepared myself to photograph the wedding in low light conditions and fully indoors if necessary, and that is exactly what happened. Happily the weather didn’t dampen anyone’s spirits, and, as you can see from the photographs, this winter wedding was a beautiful one, with lots of love and laughter, as befitting a Valentine’s day wedding!

Salmestone Grange Wedding Photography

Blue and white wedding bouquet

Wedding dress details at Salmestone Grange wedding

Bride getting dressed at Salmestone Grange

Bridesmaids at Salmestone Grange

Bridal preparations

Bridal preparations at Salmestone Grange winter wedding

Bridal Portrait at Salmestone Grange in Margate

Bridesmaids at the window

Bride and bridesmaids at Salmestone Grange

Salmestone Grange Wedding photographer

Salmestone Grange wedding photograph

Salmestone Grange wedding ceremony

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Donna & Dean Wedding-213

Donna & Dean Wedding-238

Donna & Dean Wedding-281

Donna & Dean Wedding-285

Donna & Dean Wedding-308

Donna & Dean Wedding-310

Donna & Dean Wedding-319

Donna & Dean Wedding-355

Donna & Dean Wedding-388

Donna & Dean Wedding-409

Donna & Dean Wedding-485

Donna & Dean Wedding-492

Donna & Dean Wedding-544

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Venue: Salmestone Grange
Flowers: Black Iris
Venue styling: Thanetian Weddings and Events