Kent Wedding Photographer

Aargh! I’m SO excited to share this one with you, can you tell?!!! Can’t believe it took me so many days to even think of the idea for it really, considering how few the things are that really make me think MINE in any kind of possessive way!

You nearly had a picture of a dark chocolate Terrys Orange – funnily enough chocolate was both my first response to today’s subject and my daughter’s too – hilarious how alike we are sometimes!

My next thought was my beautiful classical guitar, a much treasured and enjoyed christmas present from over 30 years ago, but although I can still play it passably well, strictly speaking I’ve given it to my son, who has far surpassed my Grade 4, and is currently getting ready to take his Grade 8 Classical Guitar exam in a few months time. He’s so talented at all things guitar that he was actually chosen with a couple of friends to play a medley of guitar pieces for the Queen when she opened the Turner Centre in 2011.

And then I remembered.

Tucked away, in tissue paper and it’s original box, at the top of the airing cupboard is my own wedding dress. Made of ivory coloured raw silk, simple in it’s design, and the fulfillment of every girlhood dream I had ever had about my one day dream wedding dress, and all MINE! Also carefully folded with it was my full length veil, edged in antique lace. I LOVED that veil! And after a quick dig in the cupboard I dug out my pearl necklace that was also bought especially for my wedding day.

When I got married 20 years ago, wedding photography was still very formal, with lots of group photos dominating every album. I was lucky, in that my eldest brother was a keen photographer, and was also an RAF photographer in his ‘day’ job, so more than qualified to take the photos of my wedding day, and I did get lots of other, more informal wedding photos than was usual at the time. Even so, all of the little wedding detail photos which I love to photograph today were just not the norm back then, so I never had an detail shots of my wedding dress, veil, necklace or shoes.

Until today…when the title of today’s photo challenge made me think of my own wedding dress. So here it is, one to tuck in to my own wedding album I think!

Kent Wedding Photographer