Babies and children grow up so quickly, and sometimes it’s hard to keep track of when they reached those all important milestones, or achieved that clever new skill. With the advent of smart phones, capturing some of those moments has got easier – but what do you do with with all those photos and video clips – and what if you lose your phone? As a professional photographer I admit to being a little {well ok, maybe quite a lot} obsessive about storing photos and videos safely. I’m starting to drown in hard drives and dvd’s even, and I have endless scrapbook albums waiting for me to have the time to fill them with photos of my own children too. And I’m always looking for creative ways to showcase my work. And then I came across photo video fusion, and may well be on my way to starting a whole new obsession!

Naomi, this one is for you – it’s just an idea, in it’s early stages, but I think you’ll get the idea – and can Caleb come out to play again soon please? – I have lots of ideas on how I want to develop this, and he is just the cutest model for the job!