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How long will you be photographing our wedding for?

My standard, full day photography packages all include up to 10 hours photography coverage. This is usually plenty of time to cover from the getting ready photos in the morning to about 30 minutes after your first dance to get some of those fun party shots. And don't worry, if on the day things get [...]

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We hate formal photography and don’t want any traditional group photos.

That's absolutely fine, it is your wedding, and I want you to love the photos that you receive from me. I will probably check that this is still the case during our planning meeting, and look at the ways round it if you suddenly find yourself in the dog house with great aunty Mabel because she got [...]

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We want lots of formal group photos, is this ok?

Of course it is - it's your wedding and it's important to me that you are happy with your photos after your wedding. Most couples choose to have between 5-10 formal group photos of their family and friends as they consider them to be an important record of their day and their family. We discuss [...]

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I really hate having my photo taken and am worried about how I will cope with having a photographer following me around all day!

This is one of the reasons why having a pre-wedding photo shoot is such a good idea. It gives us a chance to get to know each other, and have a bit of fun down the park or the beach, out in the country or out and about in town before the big day. 'FUN?' I [...]

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What happens if you get sick?

Well, just to reassure you, I have never missed a wedding yet! That said, because I like to plan for every eventuality, I do have a back up plan in place, and have a wide circle of highly competent wedding photographer friends who I know will be only to happy to step in should the [...]

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Do we need to feed you?

Yes please! It's a long day, and I work better and am less cranky when I'm not starving hungry!!! I start the day with a hearty breakfast, and usually have a couple of cold drinks and a banana in the car, but after that I'm usually too busy taking amazing photos of your wedding to [...]

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