There’s no doubt about it, getting married can be a very costly affair. After your venue, your honeymoon, your dress (and maybe your shoes if you are a very lucky girl!), your wedding photography can be the next most expensive thing you spend your money on, and I totally understand that it can seem a lot of money for just 1 day’s work right?

Well, actually, that’s where a lot of the problem lies, because done well, your wedding photography is going to take up a lot more of my time than just the 10 or so hours of actual photography on your wedding day itself. Before the wedding I will spend time on planning your photography with you, and this can include an engagement shoot, planning meetings and venue visits amongst other things. If it’s a venue that I haven’t shot at before, as well as visiting it in advance, I also often spend a bit of time googling the venue to see other examples of wedding photographs taken there too, to give me a better understanding of the venue itself, and some of the options available to us. After the wedding I spend time creating copies of your images to save on two separate hard drives, and a 3rd copy is uploaded to a remote server in a different location in an effort to keep your images safe while I am working on them. And then there is the actual editing of each individual photo to ensure that the story of your day is told in the most beautiful way possible.

In addition to all of this, there is the other, hidden side of running a professional wedding photography business, the cost of equipment (think several thousand pounds just for 1 camera body alone – and I currently have 3!), the cost of insurance and ongoing professional training and development, computer equipment & programs such as photoshop (you won’t even believe the cost of that!!!) – and the list just keeps going on and on and on…..