Yes, of course. It’s really important to me that you love your album when you receive it – it’s the start of your married life family history, and hopefully will be treasured by both you and future generations for a long time to come, so I really want to make sure that we get it just right.

I use a really simple, online album proofing system which enables you to see the design as a proper book layout, including seeing where the centre fold for each double page layout is. If you wish to make a change to an image you simply click on the image in question, type out your changes, and hit the send button to send me a list of those changes. Once I have made the changes I upload the new version of your album for you to view. When you are completely happy with it you simply hit the ‘Approve’ button, I am notified, and I go ahead and order your album for you. It’s a beautifully quick and easy system to use!