The short answer is no, but please, let me explain why not before you get too worried!

A wedding is a very fast paced, and action filled day, and this is very different from the more controlled environment of a portrait shoot such as your engagement shoot. As a result I am likely to take more than one shot of any given situation, as I am watching and waiting for that perfect moment, a smile, a tear, a tender look, a touch of the hand or the cheeky toddler poking his finger in the side of your gorgeous wedding cake! I really don’t want to miss those precious moments, and the digital photography phenomenon allows us the additional flexibility to take more photos than we need in order to capture that one perfect image. When I edit your photos I will be looking to keep all the useable images of your day in order to tell the whole story of your day, so rest assured that you will be very happy with your photos. Part of that process is reviewing each image to make sure that it tells that story perfectly, so any duplicate photos with people blinking and their eyes shut will be discarded in preference for the one where everyone is wide-eyed, and engaged in the magic of the moment.