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Meet Jayden – Newborn baby photographer Kent

I am so excited to share these photos with you, as they are part of the launch of my beautiful new fine art baby photography line. I had the pleasure of photographing Jayden for his newborn baby photos at just four days old, and I think you'll agree that he is absolutely too gorgeous for [...]

Growing up fast

Babies and children grow up so quickly, and sometimes it's hard to keep track of when they reached those all important milestones, or achieved that clever new skill. With the advent of smart phones, capturing some of those moments has got easier - but what do you do with with all those photos and video [...]

Say hello to Riley – Baby photography Kent

I recently spent a couple of hours with this young man, and a happier little chap you couldn't hope to meet! Once he'd got over his initial suspicion of the mad women crawling around the floor after him he was happy to show me all he could do, and oh boy was he active, VERY [...]